Troubleshoot "Add A Financial" Error

Account Aggregation Troubleshoot Steps

  • Make sure you are entering the credentials correctly

What are you being asked? Username? Password? Security questions and answers? If what you enter does not match what you use at the original institution’s website when logging in, then you will not be able to add the account here to your Client Dashboard. Visit the original institutional website to ensure the username, password, and/or security answers you enter are correct.

  • Are you choosing the correct Institution?

Many options can come up when searching for your financial institution. Pick the option that appears to be best. Once you get to the screen that asks you to enter the required information for username and password, verify that the site URL labeled on this page is the same site URL you use to login to see your account. If this site is different than what you use to normally see your account, go back and try another option until you find that right option. The URL is the clearest indicator that you are selecting the correct option.

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