Introducing Oranj-DocuSign Integration

What Does DocuSign Do in Oranj?

The DocuSign integration creates huge advantages for advisors who want to grow their business through convenient and scalable account opening options, client onboarding, and when signatures are needed for service documents whether it’s a change of beneficiary form or change of address. With this integration, your clients/prospects can conduct business with you without the requirement of leaving the Oranj application or interrupting their busy lives and having to stop by your office just to sign paperwork.

The DocuSign integration performs three main functions within the Oranj application:

  • To connect your existing DocuSign Library to the Oranj application where it can be used in the in the Oranj application
  • To allow your clients and prospective clients the ability to directly sign all forms needed to open and transfer and fund accounts with the custodians of your choice
  • To allow forms sent through the client vault to be electronically signed and executed by your clients and prospects

Watch this below video to learn more.

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