DocuSign and Account Opening/Transfer

DocuSign and Account Opening/Transfer

When your client or prospect opens or transfers an account, an electronic envelope must be delivered to them with all the account opening or transfer documents required for signing. This envelope should include a combination of documents such as account application, client engagement form, contract between you and the client, etc. Funding documentation is required to. You build all of that in your dashboard. Not only do you create the signing order and tag account opening and transfer documents the way the need to be signed, but you also create the rules for which custodians clients and prospects get directed to when they select the account type they want to open or transfer to and the dollar amount they want to fund their new account with. This all starts with by setting up the DocuSign integration. Watch the below videos to learn how to set up this integration from start to finish.

Once you have configured the DocuSign integration, the next section will teach how to ensure you are assigned as the rep to the new account. In addition to the above video, there is a dedicated section on setting up the DocuSign from start to finish. Click here to visit that section. 

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