Portfolio Models and Account Opening/Transfer

Portfolio Models and Account Opening/Transfer

Portfolio Models associated with a risk tolerance level must be built for your clients and prospects to use the account opening and transfer options. The below image shows where you go to build models. Click here to learn more on how to make make model portfolios in the Model Marketplace and the options you have between custom, strategist, or sub-advised models. 


As it pertains to the Open/Transfer Account feature, it is important the you build models associated with all the risk tolerance levels offered in your dashboard. You select the risk tolerance level for a model when you go to build a model. The risk tolerance level options include: Preservation, Conservative, Moderate, Moderate Growth, and Aggressive. It is recommended that you build at least one model for each risk tolerance level for your Open/Transfer feature to work without issue. If you do not have a risk tolerance level for one the above categories but your client or prospect falls within that risk tolerance range, they will not be able to be matched to a model portfolio and thus, will not be able to continue through the process. If you want to make a model with 100% sector equity your conservative model, more power to you. The risk level itself is determined by you the adviser.


The risk level categories themselves fall within the below range:

Preservation: 0% - 20%

Conservative: 21% - 40%

Moderate: 41% - 60%

Moderate Growth:61% - 80% 

Aggressive: 81% - 100%

Your contacts can fall into each category by answering the risk tolerance questions you selected in the Questionnaire section. To learn more about how risk tolerance question answers are weighted, click here to read the article describing. Keep in mind, the model's risk level itself is determined by you.

Remember, having the ability to make models is a permission that must be given to you by a firm admin. If you are a firm admin already, click here to learn how to provide the model permission level to an advisor profile. If you are not a firm admin and would like to be able to make models, contact your firm admin to ask about gaining administrative access.

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