Firm Details and Branding

The Admin section, located on the left-hand navigation bar, is the section you use to white label your dashboard to your firm’s brand and preferences. These fields are all important for what is presented to all clients and prospects you invite to the system.  In this area, you will also invite your Advisors to use your Oranj Portal.


Firm Branding/Details

In the Admin Tab, you can personalize your Oranj account in the following ways:

1. Upload your company's logo to ensure your branding is prominently displayed in your Oranj account.

2. Add a favicon - A favicon is a smaller version of your company's logo that appears in the website tab and bookmark page. 

3. Upload your firm ADV - If you invite clients and prospects to your firm's Oranj account, they will be able to see your firm's ADV.

4. Choose RTQ questions - Risk tolerance questions are presented to your clients and prospects in their profile settings and in the account opening and transfer processes (if you set up those workflows). In this section you are able to choose which questions they are asked.

5. Pencil Button - Where you can edit:

  • Firm's name, phone number, and address
  • Rate of inflation, the annual rate of return, and life expectancy - When you or your clients, or your prospects create goals, these variables will affect the dollar amount a client or prospect needs when creating that goal.
  • Disclaimer - What your clients and prospects see when they log in to Oranj. Typically this section includes the same language you use on your website for matters as broker-dealer and custodial affiliations, fee structure, compliance statements, etc.
  • Firm CRD - Your firm's Central Registration Depository number provided by FINRA or the SEC.

6. Add Advisors - Use this section to create and invite other advisers or firm-level users such as admins to your firm's Oranj account. Once created, be sure to click into the adviser profile to edit their permission settings. Also, do not forget to click the envelope button once you are ready to invite them to activate their Oranj account.  Visit our Invite Advisors page to learn more.


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