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How do I edit my firm’s information?

The Firm Info section is the section you use to white label your dashboard to your firm’s brand and preferences. These details are what your clients and prospects will see when they login to let them know that this is your digital application. You can upload your firm logo which appears in the upper left hand corner of the dashboard, on the login page, and in any outbound application related materials such as invite emails. You can also upload a customized favicon. A favicon is the small image that appears in the tab of your web browser window.


You can also upload your firm ADV and website disclaimer. The website disclaimer is what you typically already have on your current website that explains your general business model and any custodian or broker dealer affiliations. You can add those items so that when your clients and prospects get invited to their dashboard you are staying compliant. You also can update the firm name, phone number, and address. Finally, the general configuration needs to be established for rate of inflation, rate of return, and life expectancy.


General Configuration

This general configuration is important for the calculations used for the goals you and your clients and prospects add to the dashboard. When you or your clients make goals, a need calculation is generated so that you and your clients and prospects understand the amount of money they need to meet the goals. You can click here to review how each goal is specifically calculated. But let’s use one of the goal types now as an example here to illustrate the importance of this general configuration. Let’s use the example of a retirement goal.

Example of General Configuration

If rate of inflation is set at 3%, rate of return is set at 6%, life expectancy is set at 95 years, and your user is 50 and wants to retire at 60 with $5,000/month to spend in retirement then he or she will need $1,299,206.84. Here is that calculation written out mathematically.

Solve for R

R = (Rate of Return/12) - (Rate of Inflation/12)




Then solve for amount of time between life expectancy and your clients retirement age. We will call this time period LE. In other words, the amount of years someone is alive in retirement. In this case, 35 years since the client user is 60 at retirement and life expectancy is set to 95 years. Mathematically this looks like:

LE = Total Life Expectancy - Age at Retirement

LE = 95 - 60

LE = 35

Finally, take the amount the contact wants to withdraw in retirement each month. We will designate this as withdrawing. In the above scenario where the contact wants to spend $5,000 per month in retirement withdrawing = 5000.

Now you are ready to solve for how much the contact needs to achieve their retirement goal.


Need= 1,299,206.84

Your contacts needs $1,299,206.84 by retirement to sustain their goal. Understanding how this equation works allows you to better understand what your client or prospect needs for a retirement goal. As you can see, establishing general configuration is an important role for firm admins to configure.

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