The vault is designed for your clients and prospects to store and secure essential documents. Depending on your subscription, you can access these documents. You can upgrade to access this feature from within the dashboard. Click here for more information on the subscription levels offered by Oranj.

Once you are in the vault, click the + Add button. You will have two options: File Upload or New Folder. If you press File Upload, the files will be saved to that client’s vault but not in a folder. Click New Folder to add a folder. Name the folder something that makes it clear for your contact to identify. For example, if it’s a folder where you want to store all their tax documents for the year 2017 name the folder “Tax Documents 2017”.

Once you name the folder, you cannot go back to rename it so be sure to name it correctly the first time. You will have to go back and press the garbage can icon to the far right of the folder name to delete and create one with the name you prefer. Keep in mind that your clients and prospects may store files and create folder that they do not want to share with you. If your client or prospect ever reports that they shared a document with you but you cannot see it, make sure that they have shared it with you from their dashboard. They will see a person icon populate next to the folder to help them identify if a document or folder has been shared with you. Now click the folder. Once you are in the folder, click the + Add to upload a file into the folder. You can use the middle action item to redownload the document. You can also click the document to view it.


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