Introduction to Contacts

Contacts: Clients and Prospects

Contacts are all your clients and prospects added to your dashboard. You will see that you can designate each contact as a "client" or "prospect." You have a button that will send them a Welcome email inviting them to create a password and login for the first time. Their login username will be the email associated with their profile. You will also see their total Net Worth and Investments currently added to the system. You can sort these columns if for example you want to call your prospects with the most net worth.


When you click a contact, you access their profile to get a snapshot of their financial life. You can see their Accounts, Net Worth, Investments, Cash Flow and information about their Goals and Insurance. From the Contact view you will also have a direct messaging feature and the ability to share and see documents in their vault. But before we dive deeper into a contact profile, how do you create one?


Ready to learn more?  Read Navigating Your Contacts to learn how to search, filter, sort and merge contacts.


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