How to Create Contacts

How to Create Contacts

Your dashboard has two simple options for creating contacts: + Create Contact and + Import Contacts. Watch the below video to watch how both options work.


Create Contacts

You can manually create contacts one by one by pressing + Create Contact. Once you have entered all the required information, the profile is saved. If you do not know all the asked for information, that’s fine. You can go back and edit the profile later. Also, the user can edit and update their profile once you invite them. Notice that the contact is not automatically invited.

This affords you to opportunity to invite them when you’re ready to invite them and click into their profile and add any details you want to before inviting them. Click here to learn some of the basic interactions you can take within a contact’s profile.



Import Contacts

You can also perform a mass upload of contacts with the + Import Contacts option. Notice the tooltip that tells you how to format the excel file and what information is needed. Create three columns: first name, last name, and email. Then simply export your contact list to an excel sheet and upload as instructed. This is also your entry point for the Redtail integration. 



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