Add Accounts for Clients & Prospects

Add Accounts for Clients and Prospects

In the Getting Started for Advisers section, there is an article and video describing how advisers can add their managed accounts with credentials. Your clients and prospects have the same ability. Below is a video provided to your clients in their Help Center. Watch this video to learn what your clients and prospects experience when they link their accounts and add financials manually.

What accounts can advisers link to the contact profile?

Once you link the accounts to your dashboard, you connect them to the client profiles. Visit the Add Accounts article in the Getting Started for Advisers section to learn how to do so.

While you can link their managed accounts from your dashboard, you cannot link their held-aways accounts from your dashboard. The reason for this is because you typically do not have your client's or prospect's username and passwords for held-away institutions for compliance reasons. 

You can however Add Property, Add Insurance, and Add Manual Accounts in the same way clients add them in the above video. All you do is visit a client profile and use an + Add Account button in one of the dashboards. None of these options involve linking an account from a held-away institution. You simply enter the information which saves to the client profile and finally appears in their respective dashboards within the client profile. 


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