Add & Invite Advisers

How do I create and invite Advisers?

Firm admins can provide as many advisers as they want access to Oranj. Firm admins can create the adviser profiles from the Admin section of the dashboard and designate permissions and roles for advisers. Let’s discuss how this is done.

Click the Adviser option in the Admin expanded sidebar menu. The Adviser section is below the Firm Info section.


To create an adviser press Add Another Adviser.


You will be taken to a new screen that ask you to complete their profile. You do not need to complete every field to provide an adviser access. The only required fields are: First Name, Last Name, and Email. Completing these fields is enough to provide an adviser access.



The only other field you need to consider is whether or not you want to provide this adviser admin access like yourself, in addition to the other permissions for being able to modify models, approve rebalances, perform rebalances, and execute trades, for example. To do so, click into the created adviser. 


Any other field you update is optional such as their Avatar (profile picture), Title, Custodian, and Rep Code. Adviser can update these fields themselves when they are given access.

The Custodian and Rep Codes fields are important if your adviser plans to use the DocuSign integration. Including the Custodian and Rep Code for their institutions will allow the custodian and rep code to be referenced when an account opening or transfer document is submitted by a client or prospect while using the Open or Transfer Account features. Adding all the adviser’s custodians and rep codes allows the custodian to know what rep that document is coming from and who your client’s new account is being managed by. Definitely add or have the adviser add all of the custodians and rep codes for each for the DocuSign integration to work properly.

Once you have completed all the fields you wish to complete, you can invite them by pressing the envelope button to the far right to send them their Welcome email. Keep in mind that once you have created an adviser you do not need to invite them immediately. Many firm admins will create these profiles and wait to complete more getting started tasks before they give the rest of their firm access. In fact, it is recommended that all the tasks below in this Admin section are completed before you give the rest of your firm access. One reason for this recommendation is because any existing clients that were created during your onboarding may still need to be assigned to your advisers. It’s best to have your advisers' profiles completely configured before you provide them access. That being said, let’s continue to review firm admin tasks.

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