DocuSign Setup

DocuSign Setup

*Firm admins can use the steps below to configure their DocuSign account with their dashboard. Please note you must have an existing DocuSign account for the below instructions to work. 

Setup your DocuSign before you set it up in Oranj!

To ensure your DocuSign integration works as expected, it is highly encouraged you review your current DocuSign setup by logging into your DocuSign account to make sure that the documents you want available in your Oranj application already reside within your DocuSign Library and a DocuSign folder. Depending on your DocuSign account, your firm can expect slight differences in the setup process. 

Description of the different DocuSign account scenarios

Some firms will have their own DocuSign account that they have bought independent of any custodial relationship. In this case, when you set up the DocuSign integration within the dashboard, the documents you have already placed in your DocuSign Library will be available in the dashboard when you perform the setup process.

Some firms will have a DocuSign account provided by their custodian. In this case, some custodians already have all your account opening, transfer, funding, and service documents uploaded and ready to be shared within your DocuSign Library while other custodians leave it up to you to upload the documentation you want to use with clients and prospects. In fact, most custodian’s have your DocuSign library only partially completed. For example, they may include the account opening documents but not include service forms used for matters such as a change of address or change of beneficiary or your firm's client agreement forms.

Regardless, your custodian will have a resources where you can download these documents to your local computer drive and then either add them to your DocuSign Library through the dashboard or directly into your DocuSign account. Regardless, once uploaded, you will be able to use these documents with your clients and prospects.

There are some custodians that will not configure your DocuSign account at all. In this case, you will have to spend additional time uploading the documents you want to use.

Some firms have multiple DocuSign accounts from multiple custodians they work with. For example, TD Ameritrade and Pershing may have both provided you DocuSign accounts. You can only configure one of these DocuSign accounts to the dashboard. That being said, some firms may have to consolidate their documents into one DocuSign account to ensure all account opening and service documents are available. Using the below guide will walk you though on how to setup this integration no matter your situation.

What kind of documents should I have in my DocuSign?

The following documents are examples of some of the documents you may want to upload to begin using your DocuSign within the dashboard:

  • Account Application
  • Account Transfer Form
  • 408(b)(2) Disclosure
  • Beneficiary Designation Form
  • Change of Address Form
  • Check Request Form
  • Electronic Funds Transfer Form
  • IRA Deposit Slip
  • Non IRA Deposit Slip
  • Move Money Forms

Understanding the key functions and actions you take in DocuSign is essential in understanding how to use DocuSign in the dashboard. We will teach you how to take those actions while setting up the Oranj-DocuSign integration in the below steps. You can also refer to DocuSign training material to learn how to create templates and signing orders, add tags, and managing your account.

How do I setup DocuSign in the Dashboard?

The first step is to enter your DocuSign credentials. Go to the Admin tab and click Integrations. You will be prompted to enter your DocuSign username and password.



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