Activity Feed/Watchlist

Activity Feed/Watchlist

On the Homepage, the activity feed shows you a high-level overview of the recent activity happening within your dashboard and your contacts’ financial lives. The tile on your home page provides the most recent bits of activity. Click See More to see more activities. There are two primary categories of activity. Activity Feed and System Notifications. First, let’s review the Activity Feed and then the Watchlist.

Activity Feed

Activity Feed notifications are interactions that have taken place within your dashboard or your contacts' dashboards.

Here are a few types of events that will trigger activity and notifications:

  1. Add/Delete Manual or Held Away Accounts
  2. Aggregated Accounts Successfully/Failure
  3. Investor initiated account transfer/open
  4. Add/Edit/Delete a portfolio
  5. Investor logged in
  6. Add/Delete a note
  7. Add/Remove Documents from the vault
  8. Add/Remove Folder
  9. Share/Sign a DocuSign Document
  10. Add/Update/Delete Goals
  11. Update Name/Email/Phone Number
  12. Answer/Update Risk Tolerance Questionaire
  13. Credential update
  14. Add/Remove all types of Insurance (Long Term Care, Life, Long Term Disability
  15. Redtail Credentials updated

The activity feed is a useful place to start your day when logging into your dashboard, creating a level of transparency that gives you the confidence that you are providing customized and sound financial advice to each one of your clients and prospects.



The Watchlist is designed for the Advisor to have a place on their dashboard to monitor tickers in a streamlined location.  Click the Watchlist tab in the Activity tile on the main dashboard.  Enter the appropriate symbol in the Add Symbol box search box.  






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