Strategist Models

Build Strategist Models

Fund Strategist Portfolios can provide advisors access to investment strategists who construct distinct portfolio solutions to help meet the ever-increasing demands of today's investors. They typically comprise a set of mutual funds and/or exchange-traded funds (ETFs).  Click into the Models section of your dashboard and select Strategist Models to view the portfolios. If you do not have the ability to select models for your firm, please ask your account Firm Admin about adding this permission to your profile. 


You will see a list of options for each strategist model offered through your dashboard such as the image below.


Click into each model to see the individual securities within the portfolio.


At this point you can + Add to my firm's collection, choosing a personalized model name, selecting the risk level, and tax status for the model. 

For each Strategist Model that is selected to be included in the Firm's Collection, the Advisor must agree to the Strategist's Disclaimer.


Next, create a personalized model name, select the risk level and tax status for the model.


Any models you select from a strategist partner are filed under the My Firm's Collection.


If you would like to view your strategist model(s), see what accounts are assigned to a model, assign models on the individual account level, and/or modify models on the security level, use the below action items to do so.


To learn more on each one of these actions, please refer to the individual articles covering each one.




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