Assign Models to Accounts

Assign Models to Accounts

If you are utilizing models in your practice, you can assign models to your accounts once a model has been added to My Firm's Collection. Click here to for more information about building models.

A model must be assigned to each account and household portfolio before you can rebalance. Even if you do not use your dashboard to trade and rebalance the accounts, it is still good to connect the portfolio model to each account so that its security and class makeup is clearly represented for you and the client.

You can assign models to accounts from three different places:

  1. Accounts Grid 
     You can assign models to accounts or portfolios by clicking on the model name in the Models column on the Managed Accounts grid. Once a model has been assigned, the model deviation will be calculated and displayed on the grid. Please note that in order to assign a model from this page, the account needs to have both an account owner and type assigned to the account.Screen_Shot_2020-02-13_at_12.45.59_PM.png
  2. Model Details
     Whenever you select the name of a model, whether from My Firm's Collection or Account details you will be shown the model detail. From this view you can select the "$" icon to link the model to any account that does not already have an assigned model. Untitled_presentation__4_.png
  3. Adding Model to My Firm's Collection
     After you save a custom, strategist or subadvised model to My Firm's Collection you will be offered the opportunity to assign the new model to you accounts.Screen_Shot_2018-11-15_at_4.03.12_PM.png


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