Oranj can be used with both clients and prospects. You can invite them to use the Oranj Investor Portal, branded for your firm, and give the contact full access to information for their financial life.  In this area, you will also be notified of any new contacts that haven't been invited to use the Investor Portal. 



On the Contacts Page, you can:

  • Access the Expanded Contact Profile by selecting their name
  • Change the Advisor linked to the contact
  • Change the Type of Contact - Prospect/Client
  • See the Last Login Date or see if you need to invite them
  • Net Worth 
  • Investment Total
  • View their Household Contacts
  • Delete Contacts
  • Add Contacts
  • Generate Reports
  • Merge Records
  • View Reports on the Reports Review Tab


Visit the Contacts Section to learn more!




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