Model of Models

Model of Models

The model of models feature within Oranj provides you with the ability to create a model comprised of other models you have already created. This saves you significant time by eliminating the need to select all the underlying individual securities in order to tailor a model to each individual client that you have. These models can also be endlessly tiered, making it quick and easy to attain advanced diversification.

Creating a Model of Models

Create your model of models by selecting Create Custom Model within the Marketplace left hand navigation panel, then +Create Custom Model in the top right corner, and then select either Class Model of Models or Security Model of Models from the available options. Due to the fundamental differences between security and class models, a model of models must be comprised of class models or security models, but not both.


Start by giving your model a name, risk category, and tax status.


Then, begin building your allocation. Choose individual models by typing the model name into the search bar, and then select it from the drop-down menu. Enter its allocation by typing in the target percentage in the Target column. Once you have selected all of your desired models and target percentages, select Save.

You have the option of entering an individual cash target in addition to the individual sub-models that you are placing into your new model of models. It is generally recommended that you don’t enter any cash targets at the sub-model level. If you chose to do so, the cash in the individual sub-models will be combined to create an additional target.

A model of models proportionately weighs each individual security in the model based on its allocation at the sub-model level.


In the image above, we are able to see our model, divided up by its sub-models.

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