Marketplace Dashboard Overview

Marketplace Dashboard

The Marketplace is where you can view all of the Oranj Partners and learn more about them, their products, and investment styles.  For those of you that are using the Oranj and not upgraded, you will be limited to the Oranj partner's products and strategies.  If you choose to upgrade, you will be able to access almost any domestic equity, mutual fund, and etfs to build your models and use with your business.


Once you are in the Marketplace you will see several features for you to review.

  • Oranj Partners
  • Oranj announcements including Partner Webinars, Meetings, and upcoming events for you to enjoy.
  • Top Strategist Models 
  • Top Partner Mutual Funds
  • Strategist Models
  • Create Custom Models
  • Sub-Advised Models
  • and more!


In the Marketplace, you can create your models and utilize our Asset Manager Partners Strategies as well.

To learn how to create models and use them in your practice, visit our several articles to learn more including:


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