Firm Admin Training

Admin Training

The Firm Admin has many fundamental responsibilities in Oranj that must be performed before inviting advisors, clients, and prospects. Use the Getting Started section in this help center to learn what tasks need to be accomplished.

Train Yourself

Also keep in mind that you can train yourself by using this very help center. Use the Getting Started section to watch videos teaching you on how to get started as a Firm Admin, how to get started as an advisor, how to get started with clients, and how to get started with your Matched Portfolio Wizard. The Dashboard Solutions section provides a high level overview of what financial topics the Advisor and Client Dashboards help you discuss with your clients and prospects. 

Schedule a Call

It is highly recommended that all Firm Admins complete the Welcome to Oranj training session. On this call, we will teach you how to:

  • White-label Oranj to your firm
  • Create and Invite your Advisors
  • Create your Matched Portfolio Wizard
  • Assign contacts to advisors
  • Assign the right managed accounts to the right users
  • Best Practices

We want to ensure the Admin is the firm expert on Oranj. Please schedule time for your training session by clicking here if you haven't already done so.

Client Help Center

We also provide a Client Help Center you can provide to clients and prospects that helps them get started. This help center is directed toward clients and keeps the script generic and universal so any user can be assured that you are providing them best in class support when using their Client Dashboard. 

Review of Information 

We also use this session to take the time to review all the backend steps taken by our Oranj Client Services team. We will ensure your managed account data is correct. We will ensure your contact profiles are correct. Again, we want to ensure your clients and advisors have a great experience as soon as they use Oranj. 


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