Assign Clients to Advisors | Assign Managed Accounts to Clients

Assign Clients to Advisors  |  Assign Managed Accounts to Clients

When you look in the Managed Accounts section of your Advisor Dashboard, you will see managed account data flowing through directly. You will also notice that your advisors should already be populated in the system. So how do advisors get access to their clients?

During the on-boarding process, you may have provided our Client Services Team an import sheet with your client data. This imported data lives in the User Details tab. If you did not provide an import sheet, advisors will have to create client profiles manually from within their Advisor Dashboard.

In the Advisor Dashboard, all clients that are either imported or manually added by advisors are reflected in the User Details section. This section is where advisors need to make sure their clients are assigned directly to their advisors. Here is also where the Firm Admin has the administrative ability to assign client profiles to advisors.

As the Firm Admin, please make sure that each client is assigned to the correct advisor.

It is important to note that advisors only see the clients that are assigned to them. Keep in mind, if an advisor creates a user from within their own Advisor Dashboard, those users are automatically assigned to that advisor and no action is required by the Firm Admin. However, if a client needs to be assigned or reassigned to a different advisor, it is the responsibility of the Firm Admin to do so.

Please visit our Advisor Help Center to learn more about Getting Started for Advisors.

Managed Accounts

The same is true with Managed Accounts. In the Managed Accounts section, the Firm Admin has the administrative ability to assign or reassign managed accounts to specific client profiles. Along with the integration that is made from the import sheet provided by your firm, Oranj automatically assigns managed data to client profiles by matching the names of the clients to the names on the account. This automated assignment sometimes has hiccups, so it is recommended that the Firm Admin reviews this section thoroughly to ensure the right managed accounts are assigned to the correct client profiles.

It is important to note that your clients will only see the managed accounts that are assigned to them. Verifying this information helps guarantee that the right clients are receiving the correct managed account data.

Household vs. Individual Spouse

Managed accounts cannot be shared between profiles. It is recommended that households share one client profile through one of the spouses' user profiles. For example, if Michael Shor and Sarah Smith are married and you wish for both of them to see the managed data for their household, you will need to assign all of their managed data to one single profile (either Michael's or Sarah's).

For example, you might assign all Michael and Sarah's managed accounts to Michael Shor under the Account Owner column. This assignment means that all managed data for this household is assigned to Michael. Once Michael receives his login credentials, he and Sarah will use Michael's email and password to login, allowing him and Sarah to both have the relevant calculations for their net worth, goals, financials, etc. This will appear on a combined level as a household, rather than individually.

Note: If a spouse should not be privy to their partners managed account data or just certain managed accounts, it is recommended that you create separate profiles for each spouse and assign their managed data accordingly. Remember, you can always designate one user profile as the "household" profile and create additional individual profiles. Also know, that a user can have additional logins if they have more than one email. For example, Michael could use his primary email for his "household" profile and his secondary email for his individual profile where his private accounts reside.

Please watch the video below to learn how to connect your clients to their advisors and your client's to their managed accounts.   

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