Introducing Oranj to Clients

Introducing Oranj to Clients

Introducing Oranj to your clients is a very exciting step in the growth of your business. When you invite your clients to use Oranj, make sure to point out the many ways that digital software can improve their overall financial experience. When introducing the Client Dashboard to your clients, it is essential to make sure they see value in the new digital platform system.

Watch this video to learn how your clients can transition from the 'old' way of doing business to the new digital platform of Oranj.

Best Practices for Getting Started

Learning to use Oranj with your clients is important when driving digital adoption. There are plenty of best practices and tips you can use to drive adoption among your users:

  • Drive the system for them during a meeting
  • Provide them the Client Help Center
  • Create Goals and Add Financials to their profile before sending credentials
  • Showing the value before the features

Watch the below video to learn how advisors introduce Oranj in person. 

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