Create & Invite Advisors

Create & Invite Advisors

The Firm Admin has the responsibility of adding, inviting, and updating advisor profiles. Whether you are a multi-advisory firm or a one-person shop, it is important to understand the administrative permissions given to Firm Admins.

Within Oranj, the Firm Admin has the administrative ability to invite advisors, send them credentials, make advisors active, and provide overall support to the firm. Advisors that are not Firm Admins are not given these full permissions but are still able to update their personal and client profiles.

Please watch this video to learn about the administrative capabilities Firm Admins have to create and invite advisors.

Let Us Do It for You

We want to make the onboarding of your firm as seamless as possible. To help you get started, we can import your list of clients to save you the time and labor it would take to manually create these contacts yourself. Watch the below video to learn how to put this data together and provide our team the information we need to create your client profiles for you.


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