Assigning Types and Owners to Accounts

Account Maintenance

Once managed accounts are syncing to your dashboard, there are some key maintenance task to fully set up your firm. 

Account Type

After the initial aggregation of your managed Accounts, the Oranj platform will attempt to automatically assign a type to each of your accounts based off of the data received from your custodian. Please note that it can take 1-2 days for this account demographic data to be sent by your custodian.

If you wish to update the assigned type, or if we were unable to automatically assign a type, you can update the type assignment by clicking on the account type name in the 'Type' column of the Managed Accounts grid or on the Contact Record of the assigned Account Owner.  Note that if an account type is left 'Unassigned', you will be unable to rebalance this account and it will not fully populate the assigned Account Owner's contact record.


Assign Accounts to Clients

After your accounts are synced to your dashboard, you will need to assign an Account Owner to each account in order to rebalance the account or view accounts data on the Contact Record. If your firm has advisors without full admin permissions, they will only be able to view account data for each account assigned to the contacts they are managing. To assign an Account Owner, click on the name listed in the Owner column of the Managed Accounts grid and select which contact to assign to the account. 


The next step is to Assign Models to Accounts


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