Assigning Types and Owners to Accounts

Account Maintenance

Once your accounts are syncing to your dashboard, there are some key interactions you can take to edit the accounts, set trading settings, assign models to accounts, and assign accounts to the correct client profiles.

Account Type

Sometimes the aggregator sends the accounts with the incorrect category or as "unassigned". To reconcile this issue, go to the Accounts section and use the Type column to assign the correct account type. If accounts are left as "unassigned", they will NOT appear in your client’s profile. If they are left with the incorrect account type, they may appear in the wrong places within your client’s profile. Please take the time to ensure all accounts have the correct type assigned.


Assign Accounts to Clients

Managed accounts syncing to your dashboard do not automatically assign to client profiles. Also, non-firm Admins cannot see managed accounts that are not already assigned to a client assigned to them. That being said, firm admin advisers must assign all clients belonging to non-firm admins and also assign the managed accounts of their clients to the client profile. Also, because you might have clients with the same names (father and son, for example), Oranj does not want to make any assumptions on whose account is who’s given the compliance issues that could result by inviting a user with the incorrect accounts. Take the time to use the column called Account Owner to save the account to the correct account owner.  


Assign Models to Accounts
You have the capacity to build portfolio models within your dashboard. Once you have built these models, you can assign them to the accounts you manage to ensure you and your clients understand the asset allocation breakdown for each account that you manage. You can do so in the Model column. Click here to access the articles on building models.


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