TD Ameritrade - Institutional Direct Connection FAQ


What does “direct connection to TD Ameritrade" mean?

Oranj and TD Ameritrade have a working relationship such that TD Ameritrade will send Oranj flat-files containing managed account information. These files are sent to us nightly via a “SSH File Transfer Protocol” and are only sent to Oranj when TD Ameritrade approves and processes a signed Release of Information document.

What is the “release of information” document?

The Release of Information (ROI) document is a document that TD Ameritrade provides that identifies its working relationship with Oranj. Signing and submitting this document to TD Ameritrade signifies to TD Ameritrade that you are granting Oranj permission to receive account data related to your identified managed account rep codes for the purposes of presenting this data back to you as a part of the service(s) Oranj provides.

Who can submit the ROI?

Your firm's principal will need to submit the ROI form. They will need to provide their VEO username, managed account rep codes, and signature and submit the document according to the instructions provided on the document. Only one VEO username can be provided per document submitted and this VEO username needs to be associated with the provided rep codes.

How are my managed accounts connected to my platform?

Oranj connects you to your managed accounts by matching the rep code you have identified as a part of the Custodial Linking process with the files sent to us by TD Ameritrade after the ROI has been submitted. If you did not identify the proper rep code as a part of this process, you will need to delete the incorrect rep code from your Custodian Settings, restart the process, and enter the rep code that you sent to TD Ameritrade in your ROI submission.

Do I need to submit an ROI for each rep code that I have?

You can submit multiple rep codes on a single ROI form. If you wish to add more rep codes to the Oranj platform at a later time you will need to submit them on a new ROI form.


How long will it take for my accounts to appear in the Oranj platform?

Once the ROI has been submitted, it will take 1-2 business days for your accounts to appear in your platform.


What kind of data is sent to you?

After submitting the ROI document, TD Ameritrade will send Oranj data related to your managed account balances, positions, transactions, unrealized gains/ losses, and client demographic information. Client demographic information is used in the Oranj platform to ensure duplicate accounts aren’t added to your platform and match accounts to their account owners.

Is my data safely secured?

Yes! Oranj is SOC 2 Type 1 certified. All files that TD Ameritrade sends to Oranj are securely encrypted and can only be decrypted using a secret “key” that TD Ameritrade provided Oranj as a part of our relationship. Certain information that we need to store, such as account numbers, we re-encrypted so nobody can gain access to them. We do not use or even store any Social Security Numbers or Tax ID’s associated with the accounts being connected. If you have further questions related to our data security/ privacy policy, please contact us at


How can I remove my accounts from my Oranj platform?

You can delete your accounts from the Oranj platform by individually deleting the accounts from the Managed accounts page. You can delete all accounts associated with a single rep code or all custodian data from the Custodian Settings section for TD Ameritrade. This will also delete all historical account data, account owner assignments, model assignments, and account trade settings. This data cannot be restored.

Please note that if you wish to sever the relationship you established between Oranj and TD Ameritrade you will need to contact them directly at and request they stop sending us files for your rep codes. If this is not done Oranj will still receive, but not use, these files and the information that they contain.

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