Importing your Redtail Contacts


If you use Redtail CRM to manage your clients and prospects, you can now directly connect your Redtail account to your Oranj account, allowing you to ensure updated contact information flows in real-time between both platforms. This eliminates the need to recreate your contacts within Oranj, or continually perform any cumbersome export/import between platforms. 

Link your Redtail Account

Before beginning to link your contacts from Redtail into Oranj, you will need to confirm that your Firm Admin has turned on the integration permission for you in the Admin section of Oranj.  Please contact your Firm Admin to update this setting.

From the Import Contacts link in this section, you can link to your Redtail account and import your contacts. 



Import All or Filter by Tags

Oranj will import contacts that are created in Redtail as the Individual type. You can either import all of your individual Redtail contacts, or you can select which contacts to import by selecting tags. As a best practice, we recommend that you tag your contacts as “Oranj” within Redtail. This will give you the ability to bring in only the desired “Oranj” clients and prospects into your Oranj account.


You can select from your existing tags in Redtail or create a new one to designate which contacts you would like to import to Oranj. This setting is saved so every time your contacts are updated we only update the ones in Oranj. 

Please note: The initial import could take 45 minutes or more depending on how many contacts you have. We will send you an email when this job has been completed so you can begin using your contacts.

Mapping Redtail Status to an Oranj Type

Because Redtail allows you to create statuses we will need your help to map your statuses in Retail to the contact types we have in Oranj. We only have 3 types:

  • Client
  • Prospect
  • Other

The "Other" type will be automatically used for any contacts without a status and for household members with the status "Not Specified". We do not show Other contacts in the Oranj Contacts view but you can always search for them.

Edit Your Contacts in Oranj

If you edit your contacts in Oranj we will also update the contact in Redtail in real time, keeping your contact information in sync across both platforms. Please note that not all values we import from Redtail are editable in Oranj due to technical limitations and customization available in Redtail 

Edit Your Contacts in Redtail

There is no real time sync of edits made in Redtail to Oranj. If you make edits in Redtail, you will need to repeat the syncing process to see those edits in Oranj. 

Delete Contacts in Oranj or Redtail

In order to maintain the integrity of both systems, you cannot delete a contact in one system from the other. If you want to completely remove a contact in Oranj, you need to delete in Oranj and also also untag the contact within Redtail.

Update Your Settings

You can update your settings at any time by selecting Import Contacts and then selecting "Update import settings". You will also need to reconfirm your Redtail Statuses to Oranj Types. Doing this will immediately kick off an update of your Redtail data in Oranj





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