Household Portfolios

If you have grouped your contacts into a household, you can also group their Investment accounts  into a Household Portfolio from the Household Investments tab of the Contact Record.

Creating a Household Portfolio

While on the Household Investment tab, click the Actions button located on the Investment Accounts widget and then select the Create Portfolio option.



You can also create a Household Portfolio from the Household view of the contact record. You can arrive at the Household page by clicking View Household from the contact grid or by selecting the 'Household' option from the list of household members on the Contact Record. Once on the Household view, click the Actions button and select Create Portfolio.



Once selected from either the Household Investments Tab or the Household contact record, you will be taken to the Create Household Portfolio page where you are able to create a portfolio from any managed or held-away investment accounts associated with the selected Household. Give your portfolio a name and select the accounts you wish to group together and click Save to create a household portfolio. It is optional to apply a model to the portfolio at this time.



Viewing a Household Portfolio

Once a Household Portfolio has been constructed, you can view the portfolio in the Investment Accounts widget on the Household Investments. You will see the combined values of the accounts included in the portfolio as well as any other applicable attributes. The portfolio will initially be collapsed, but you can expand the portfolio to see which accounts are included inside of the portfolio by clicking the small arrow to the left of the portfolio name. You will be able to see all the attributes of each account included in the portfolio.



Clicking on the name of a Household Portfolio will take you to the Investment Details page. You can also view your portfolios from the Managed Account page.

Unlinking a Household Portfolio

If you no longer wish to manage a group of investment accounts collectively as a Household Portfolio, you can unlink the accounts from the Investment Details page. Click the portfolio's name from anywhere in the application, scroll to the bottom of the Investment Details page, and click the Unlink Accounts button on the bottom left of the page. 

Assigning a Model to a Household Portfolio

You can assign a model to the entire portfolio and you can also assign a model to each account within the portfolio. 



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