Direct FIX Trading and File Export

There are two ways to make trades within Oranj - export a file to a custodian or direct FIX trading. Once you have successfully rebalanced an account or household portfolio  (and approved the rebalance), trade orders will be created. You can review your trade orders within the Orders section of the Rebalance menu.


File Export

Once you have reviewed your trade orders, you may export your orders to a .csv file that can be uploaded into your custodian’s trading platform. Selecting orders and selecting Export will create a .csv that is placed in the Downloads folder on your computer.


Direct Trade

If your firm is eligible for FIX trading on the Oranj platform, your eligible approved trade orders will appear within the Direct Trade tab. Set and confirm your order type and press Trade to send your orders through Oranj’s FIX trading feature to your custodian. To confirm your eligibility to direct FIX trade with Oranj, contact your Oranj Account Manager.

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