Managed Accounts Overview

Once you have connected managed accounts from your custodian, they can be viewed on the Accounts page. You can get to this page at any time from the main navigation on the left side of your window.


The default settings for the grid initially loads 10 items per page, but this can be changed by selecting a larger item size from the dropdown located at the bottom of the grid. Each column on the grid can be resized and sorted. If you choose to re-size the column width or table size, the width and items-per-page will be remembered the next time you log into your platform. If one of your managed accounts is marked as closed by your custodian, it will be removed from this page.

From this page, you can also gain access to Directed Trading and your Account Settings.

Custodian Provided Data

The managed accounts grid will show you account-level information related to the accounts that you imported. The majority of this data will be imported from your connected custodian(s) and will include:

  • Account Name
  • Balance
  • Cash Balance
  • Account Type
  • Institution
  • Last Updated Date

Editable Attributes

You can edit certain fields related to your accounts. Most editable fields appear as a hyperlink on the grid. These fields are:

Please note that the Deviation value only populates once a model has been applied. Overnight and when an account is rebalanced the deviation from the model will be calculated and displayed.

Account Status

The first column in the grid is the Account Status. An icon will appear if the account has certain attributes that require your attention. Possible statuses include:

  • Account has no account owner
  • Account has no account type
  • Account has a deviation
  • Account is being sub-advised

Bulk Actions

Certain actions require you to select an item from the grid and choose an action from the Bulk Actions Bar. These actions include:

  • Rebalance
  • Invest Cash
  • Raise Cash
  • Tax-loss Harvest
  • Delete account  (Note: when you delete an account in Oranj we will no longer display the account or include it in any calculation even though it is still an active account at your custodian)
  • Add Tags

Searching and Filtering

You can search for accounts with specific attributes by using the Advanced Search feature. Select any attribute from the dropdown and enter what it is you're looking for. All applied search parameters will be displayed in 'pills' located just below the filter box. These search parameters will be saved throughout your active session and be reset when once you are logged out of your platform.



Household Portfolios

If you utilize Household Portfolios in your practice, these will also appear on the Managed Accounts grid. Household Portfolios will always be prioritized at the top of your list of items in the managed accounts grid, regardless of applied sorting. Household Portfolios will always display the Household Primary Client as the Account Owner and will never have a 'type' attribute.  Learn more, visit Household Portfolios to learn more.



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