MoneyGuide Integration Setup

Firm admins can follow these instructions to configure their MoneyGuide integration with their dashboard. Please note you must have an existing MoneyGuide account for the below integration.

Linking your MoneyGuide InstanceID

From the My Profile view, navigate to the Integrations section and toggle on the MoneyGuide icon. You'll be prompted to enter your MoneyGuide InstanceID to activate the integration.

Click here to learn how to locate your MoneyGuide InstanceID.

Launch MoneyGuide for Household

Once your InstanceID has been verified, a MoneyGuide logo will appear next to all your contacts. By clicking the MoneyGuide logo on their individual contact or household in Oranj, a window will open to access their MoneyGuide financial plan. You may need to enter your MoneyGuide credentials to proceed if you have not logged in previously.

The MoneyGuide App will automatically populate with managed and held-away accounts data that’s compiled using Oranj’s aggregation capabilities. If the contact in Oranj does not exist within MoneyGuide, it is automatically created.

Adding to the Document Vault

Advisors can utilize all of MoneyGuide’s powerful financial planning capabilities to create a client-ready plan. By downloading the newly-created plan as a PDF once completed, advisers can upload it to Oranj’s secure client vault and deliver the document.


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