Connecting to Your Custodian

Oranj users can set up a connection with their custodian or multiple custodians to pull in their managed accounts. It only takes a few minutes to begin the process, and allows users to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Practice-Level AUM, Investment Performance, & More
  • Managed Accounts' Modeling & Tactical Portfolio Alignments
  • Strategist & Sub-advised Models
  • Client Portfolio Management with Institutional-Grade Rebalancing & Trading Features


Searching for Your Custodian:

Searching for your custodian is a simple and intuitive process. Here’s how you can search for the custodian you wish to connect to:

  1. Click on the Accounts tab on the left-hand navigation bar.
    • If you haven't connected any accounts yet, you can click any of the Accounts buttons from the Accounts Page.
    • If you have already connected accounts and wish to add more, navigate to Accounts on the left-hand navigation panel. Click the Accounts button is on the top-right of your accounts grid.
  2. Select from the list of Common Custodial Connections or Search for your Custodian by entering the custodian’s name after clicking the +Connect Accounts search box.
  3. After selecting your custodian, provide the username and password associated with your typical login process to your custodian.
    • Please note: Some custodians require a few extra offline steps in order to successfully connect your accounts to the Oranj platform. These custodians and the brief instructions are listed below.

Once you submit your custodian’s login information, Oranj will connect all associated managed accounts to your Oranj profile. Most connections will automatically add accounts to your platform, but a few sources may require you to enter in an account name and number in order to successfully establish a connection. DST Vision and APEX are the two most popular custodians that require this process. 

Did you get alerted to additional offline steps to establish a connection to your custodian? Locate your custodian below to view instructions on how to get started.



It only takes a few steps to begin the process of setting up a Data Access connection with Schwab. 

Advisors can now request data download access for service providers and their agents via the Schwab Advisor Center® (SAC). The online request form replaces the previous letter and fax process. After submitting the request form, advisors, service providers performing a data download, and any agents working on behalf of providers will need to sign the Data Access Agreement.


  1. Login to the Schwab Advisor Center
  2. Click on Forms & Application
  3. Choose the Data Access Agreement Form (click link)
  4. Fill our Data Access Agreement form & submit
    • Please use the following name and email address as the signor for Oranj:
      Jodi Lombard  |
  5. The APO department at Schwab will send the form to each party via Docusign to sign. Once the advisor and the Service Provider signs the form, then APO will get the final executed copy to process. 
  6. Once processed we will see the data flowing into Oranj from Schwab.

Submitting a Request for a Data Access Agreement (for Advisors)

  1. An advisor completes the Request for Data Access Agreement form on the Forms and
    Applications page of SAC. Advisors must complete all of the following fields related to the advisor, service provider, and the service provider’s agent (if one is used):
          • Advisors (Firm Name, Name and Email Address of Authorized SignerName, Phone number, and Email Address of Contact Person)
          • Service Providers (Firm Name, Name, and Email Address of Authorized Signer)
          • Service Provider’s Agent (as needed): Firm Name, Name and Email Address of Authorized Signer)
    1. The advisor submits the requestPlease Note: The master account(s) for data setup must be created before submitting the request.

Signing the Data Access Agreement (for all parties)

  1. Schwab creates the Data Access Agreement and shares it with the authorized signer for each party—advisor, service provider, and their agent (as needed)—via DocuSign. An email notifies each authorized signer that the agreement is ready to review and sign. Notifications can be sent to other email addresses if requested.
  2. Once signed, a copy of the completed, the signed agreement will be sent to all parties.
    Schwab completes the setup of specified master account(s) and sends a confirmation email to the service provider or their agent who was provided access to download data.

Using a Master Data Access Agreement (for service providers and their agents). By signing a Master Data Access Agreement, service providers and their agents agree to the terms of receiving data from Schwab and don’t have to sign individual Data Access Agreements.

Copies of final, signed agreements are sent to service providers and their agents.
To request the Master Data Access Agreement, please email
For questions and help: Please contact Advisor Platform Support at 1-800-647-5465.


TD Ameritrade

Oranj integrates directly with TD Ameritrade to connect your managed accounts into Oranj. This is a 4-step process and can be done entirely within the Oranj system.

  1. Within Oranj, navigate to Accounts on the left-hand navigation panel. Select Connect Accounts and choose TD Ameritrade.
  2. Download and complete the "TD Ameritrade Release of Information" form,
    • Please note: It is required to include:
      • Wet signature of your firm’s principal
      • List the rep code(s) you want to be added to your Oranj platform.
  3. Select Next 
    1. Upload a completed copy of the TD Ameritrade Release of Information form
    2. Input the requested rep code(s) that are at the bottom of the form. Please note: You can add multiple rep codes by clicking Add New Rep Code.
  4. Clicking Next will automatically submit your completed form via email to TD Ameritrade.
  • Note: Please allow 3-5 business days for the form to be processed and for your accounts to appear on the platform. The email address associated with your Oranj profile will be copied on the request.

Have questions about our direct integration with TD Ameritrade? Check out this FAQ.


Fidelity and NFS

It only takes a few quick steps to begin the process of setting up a direct connection with Fidelity or NFS. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Download the "Account Criteria Request - Custody" form on WealthScape. (Found under the Service section in the Forms Library.)
  2. Fill out the "VTR" form:
    • Enter “ByAllAccounts FILE IDs 180 and 387” in the Vendor Name section.
    • Confirm form is completed and signed by an authorized signer at your firm; a Principal or higher.
  3. Submit your completed VTR form inside WealthScape under the Service Center section. Select Service Center, then Product Support, then Platform Integration, then Third-Party Transmission Request.
  4. Let your Oranj Client Success Manager know when you’ve completed the steps above and they will take it from there!


Interactive Brokers

It only takes a few steps to begin the process of setting up a direct connection between Oranj and Interactive Brokers. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Obtain access to Interactive Brokers’ account feed by emailing 
    • In the email, you will need to request being "setup with a Morningstar ByAllAccounts feed via a new FTP login".
    • Interactive Brokers will also need your:
      • First and Last name
      • Name of your firm
      • Last 4 digits of your Interactive Brokers Account # (your advisor Master Account #).
  2. Once Interactive Brokers sets up your file downloads and provides you with your FTP Access Credential, you will need to enter them directly and securely into Oranj for aggregation.
  3. To enter the FTP Access Credentials within Oranj, navigate to Accounts on the left-hand navigation panel. Click the Accounts Settings button on the top-right of your Accounts Grid. Click the Connect Accounts button on the top-right of this Settings View. Enter the FTP Access Credentials username and password you received from Interactive Brokers.


It only takes a few steps to begin the process of setting up a direct connection between Oranj and Pershing. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Contact your Pershing Account Manager to initiate the process of getting a User ID setup for your Pershing connection. Pershing’s Technology Help Desk is also available for these requests at (888) 878-3142 or (732) 662-2150.
    • If you do not have a Pershing Account Manager, contact your Home Office for assistance. Please note: For Advisors not on Pershing's Advisor Services channel, your broker-dealer may incur additional charges from Pershing. 
  2. Request that the following files are configured for your connection:
    • ACCT/ACCF (accounts)
    • ACTV (money fund activity)
    • FUN (balances)
    • GACT (bookkeeping)
    • GCUS (position)
    • GMON (money mark balance)
    • ISCA (securities)
    • ISRC/SRCD (source codes)
    • POTL (tax lot).
  3. Once processed, you will receive a UserID and Password from Pershing. Use those credentials to log into your Oranj platform. Navigate to Accounts on the left-hand navigation panel. Click the Accounts Settings button on the top-right of your Accounts Grid. Click the Connect Accounts button on the top-right of this Settings View. Select the Pershing InfoDirect option from the list of Common Custodial Connections, enter your credentials, and click Connect.

Accounts newly added to the Pershing feed will have to wait until the next full refresh file is available. Pershing posts the full refresh file on a weekly basis (usually on Saturdays). Going forward, the new accounts will update normally each day.

Don’t see the option to connect accounts to your platform?

In order to connect your managed accounts to your Oranj platform, you need to have Firm Admin permissions within Oranj. If you do not see this option, please contact your Firm Admin and request updating your permissions.

Next, let's see how to personalize your app.  Visit Personalizing Your Firm to learn more.

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