Adhesion Sub-advised Models and Pricing

Adhesion Sub-advised Models

Adhesion has over 500 strategies available through Oranj. The integration with Adhesion allows you to access a wide variety of strategies across multiple custodian relationships, with low account minimums at a pre-negotiated price. The Adhesion integration offers more flexibility and scalability than a single custodian managed account platform. If you are looking for a particular model and do not see it available in Oranj, we can easily add available models upon request. Please reach out to to facilitate the conversations to add a model(s) to the Oranj/Adhesion platform.

Adhesion Pricing

Pricing for Adhesion services via Oranj vary based upon custodian and account size. Generally a larger account balance will have a lower overlay portfolio management (OPM) fee. It is worth noting that Oranj is not layering any fees in addition to the OPM fee and model fee. This reduces the total cost to you as the advisor and ultimately your clients.

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