Adhesion Trade Settings

Cash Settings

  • Cash Minimum for accounts will be honored by Adhesion. Any edits to Cash Minimum during the period account is under management of Adhesino will be communicated to Adhesion directly.
  • If no specific cash setting is expressed at the account level, then Adhesion will automatically default the cash minimum on the account at $250.

Default Cash Tolerance Bands

  • Standard band setting for cash is 50% of the expressed cash minimum or default cash.
  • For example, if the minimum cash setting is $500 the High/Low Cash settings will be:
    • High Cash: $750
    • Low Cash: $250
  • Cash will be rebalanced weekly if it is outside of the tolerance bands.
  • Any cash deposited into a client account will be picked up by the standard cash setting performed weekly.

Cash Withdrawals

  • If at any time your client needs to withdraw cash/funds from an account being managed by Adhesion, please email or call 312-635-0889. Commands to make cash available for withdrawal will occur by the end of the current business day if the request is received by 2pm ET.

Do Not Buy and Equivalents

  • For an account with security positions other than cash, Adhesion will not honor your Do Not Sell and Equivalent settings for those positions in Oranj. If an account is invested in multiple securities other than cash, the account will be liquidated and then traded to the model you select from Adhesion.

Minimum Trade Settings

  • For accounts where the allocation allotted to an equity or ETF isn’t enough to purchase at least one whole share then no shares will be purchased, as these security types are not traded in fractions A minimum trade size of $250 will be respected.
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