Personalizing Your Firm

Oranj offers many ways for a Firm Admin to personalize your firm. Under the Admin section in the left Navigation Bar, you will find many set your firm settings for Adding Advisors, Logo, Risk Tolerance Questions, ADV upload, and Trading and Rebalancing settings.

There are several areas to notate in the Admin Tab:

  1. Firm Info
  2. Tags
  3. Trade Settings
  4. Minimums and Notifications
  5. Firm Equivalents
  6. Firm Vault

Firm Details

Firm Details is the area to input all pertinent information for your firm including Rate of inflation, Annual Rate of Return, Life Expectancy, CRD Number, Firm Logo, and Favicon along with adding your ADV and Risk Tolerance Questions.  In this area, you can also invite Advisors in your firm to use your Firm instance of Oranj.  To learn more, visit Inviting Firm Advisors to use your Oranj app.


Tags, Trade Settings, Minimums & Notifications, Firm Equivalents, and Firm Vault

In the various tabs, you will use/update the different trade settings to help you in your Trading and Rebalancing.


To learn more about these, select the Trading and Rebalancing page.

Now let's learn about inviting other members of your team to use the Oranj app!  Visit Inviting Firm Advisors to use Your Oranj App to learn more!


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