Navigating your Contacts

Looking for a specific client or prospect record? There are a few different ways to find who you’re looking for. A basic or advanced search, and once you find them, you can merge contact records in the event of a duplication.

Basic Search 

At the top of the Contacts page, you can perform a global search for any name in your list of contacts. All you need to do is start typing and Oranj will filter and display the results instantly.


Advanced Search

For a more targeted search you can select Advanced Search and choose to sort on a particular field; Contact Name, Advisor or Type. You can use comparison operators such as "is greater than", "is less than" or "is between" when you select Net Worth, Investment Total or Last Login. 


As you create advanced search criteria, you will see these filters below the input area. You can delete these as necessary to expand your results. 



Simply click on the column name to sort your data. An arrow will appear to indicate the contents are sorted in either ascending or descending order. 


Merging Contacts

Identified duplicate contact records? If you select two contacts, you can use the Merge button to merge the contacts together. Note: there is no way to undo a merge. Also, Oranj will not merge any held-away accounts to the winning contact as we cannot transfer credentials. 


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