Account Open/Transfer Introduction

Clients and prospects can use Oranj to open and transfer accounts to you and your custodian. The Open Account button is provided to clients and prospects on their home page, or they can click the Transfer button next to any held-away investment account previously added by the client on their investment page. There are two primary options advisers can use to implement this feature.

Open Account


Transfer Account


Account Opening/Transfer Option 1

The first option allows clients and prospects to initiate the account opening or transfer processes. They are taken through a guided workflow that allows them to provide you the required information you need to know that they would like to open or transfer an account with you.


Clients and prospect will simply verify their information. The adviser will be notified within their Oranj account and with an email letting them know a client or prospect would like to open or transfer account.


At this point, the adviser can provide all required documents to the client or prospects vault. The documents can be sent as a regular pdf that clients and prospects can download, fill out, and re-upload into their vault or, if the adviser has a DocuSign account, can be sent as a DocuSign document that allows to client to complete and sign the documentation from with Oranj. 


This process requires no set up from the adviser and is best for adviser who have not activate Marketplace Pro. This process works with any custodian in that you are simply being notified when a client or prospect would like to open or transfer an account with you. It's on you to provide them the required paperwork in the Contact's vault and complete the process with your custodian.

Account Opening/Transfer Option 2

The second option allows advisers to create advance workflows that provided clients and prospects with a robo-like experience. On a high-level, clients and prospects are asked to answer a risk tolerance level questionnaire.


You can select which questions they are required to answer in the Firm Info section under RTQ. Clients and prospects are then provided with a risk tolerance level category: Preservation, Conservative, Moderate, Moderate Growth, and Aggressive. Based off their risk tolerance level, they will then be matched to portfolio model(s) you have created associated with that risk tolerance level. They can chose your portfolio model or leave it up to you. They are then asked to verify what kind of account they are opening and how they plan to fund the new account. Finally, they will be asked to complete and sign all paperwork you have decided need to be signed at account opening. Once the clients or prospect completes the paperwork, the adviser is notified and in cases where they have created a sign order asking for such, they can countersign the documents or simply find the completed documents within the client or prospect's vault. At this point, the adviser can do whatever is required by their custodian to get the documents processed and the new account officially opened. In the case of advisers who work with TD Ameritrade, completed documents can be directly sent to TD Ameritrade by referencing their back office's email as the last role in the signing order.

Advisers can create these advanced workflows in the Admin section under Account Open/Transfer. 

This option requires that you have a DocuSign account and Marketplace Pro. 

Use the Creating Rules for Account Open & Transfer article in this Help Center to learn the specifics on how to create these advance workflows. TD Ameritrade advisers can also use the Using TDA DocuSign article to better assist them create these workflows.



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