Account & Portfolio Tags

Tags provide the ability to create custom filters to easily find and organize accounts and portfolios with Oranj. For example, tags can be used to identify accounts that are scheduled to be rebalanced monthly or have a required minimum distribution. Tags are created and managed by the firm admin and any adviser can apply tags as needed.

Creating Tags

To create a new tag, navigate to the Admin tab, then click the Tags tab. Click Create a Tag and choose your tag description and color.



Adding & Editing Tags on Individual Accounts 

Tags can be applied to both accounts and portfolios. To apply or remove a tag, click on an account or portfolio, click the pencil icon next to Account Tags, and then choose which tags you would like to apply. If a tag had been previously applied but is unselected here, that tag will be removed. Once applied, you can filter for specific tags using the search dropdown on the accounts page.



Adding Tags to Multiple Accounts 

Tags can be applied to multiple accounts and portfolios at one time. To mass apply tags, select the accounts and/or portfolios you'd like to apply them to, click the Bulk Add Tags icon and select which tags you'd like to add. Tags cannot be removed from multiple accounts at one time; editing needs to be done at the individual account level. 


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