Global Security Settings

Oranj allows you to set three different types of global restrictions for a security across your firm: sell restrictions, buy restrictions, and exclusions.

Setting a Global Do Not Sell or Global Do Not Buy restriction on a security will still allow the security to be included in both the rebalancing process and the model itself, whereas a Global Exclusion is ignored when rebalancing, and will not be seen as part of the model.

Global Do Not Sell and Do Not Buy

To set a Global Do Not Sell and/or Global Do Not Buy restriction for a security, find the security within an account or portfolio and click the security name to open the detail. Check the box for Global Do Not Sell and/or Global Do Not Buy within the Global Security Settings. Remember to select Save when you are finished, so that your changes are updated.


To remove the restriction, follow the same steps as above, and deselect the selected box next to Global Do Not Sell and/or Global Do Not Buy to remove the selection. Click the Save button once you have removed the restriction.


You can also globally exclude securities from the rebalancing process. This will completely remove the selected securities from the process, and adjust the value of the account to accommodate the excluded security.

To globally exclude securities at the firm level, open an account or portfolio that contains the security you wish to enter the exclusion on. Check the box for Global Exclude within the Global Security Settings, then remember to click Save when you are finished.

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