Account Details

Whenever you click on the name of a managed or aggregated held-away account, you will be taken to the Account Details page. You will not be able to navigate to an account details page for manually added accounts. Screen_Shot_2020-08-03_at_4.12.09_PM.png

General Information Tab

Account Overview

Both Managed and client aggregated Held-away accounts will initially load the basic details of the account in this section. The data fields included are:

  • Balance
  • Cash Balance
  • Last Updated date
  • Institution
  • Owner
  • Account Type
  • Model Name
  • Deviation

The account owner (non-household accounts), account type, and model are all editable by clicking the existing assignment. The account name listed at the top of the page is imported from the financial institution providing the account data. You can update the display name of the account by clicking the 'pencil' icon located next to the name. Once updated, the new display name will be used on every page in the advisor application and to your client via the Client Portal.

Account Tags

If you are viewing a managed account, you will see any tags applied to the account. You can edit tag assignments from this page at any time. 

Balances and Restrictions

Select the name of the Account to open.



Click on each account name to see the expanded view or select the arrow to expand all accounts.


Expanded View



From the expanded account screen you can view the holdings of the account. If you are viewing a managed accounts, you will be able to apply a 'Do Not Buy' or 'Exclude' rebalancing rules.


Trade Settings and Account Equivalent Tabs

Other rules for rebalancing are located on the Trade Settings and Account Equivalents tabs.

Order History Tab

When you use Oranj's rebalancer, the Order History tab provides you with the results of all of the orders that have been created, executed, deleted, or expired using for the account being viewed. You can submit a request to rebalance, Invest Cash, Raise Cash, or Tax-loss Harvest from the buttons located at the top of the page.

Open Lots Tab

The Open Lots tab will display all open lots associated with the account being viewed. Please note that not all financial institutions provide open lot data. Please contact your support representative or contact us at to verify if your account should be receiving open lot data.


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