Email & Text Notifications

You can opt-in to receive email and/or text notifications when certain events occur within Oranj, so you are always kept informed. 

To turn notifications on or off, navigate to My Profile and you will see the Notifications section.


How to set up email notifications:

Select the email box within the notifications section and you're all set!

How to set up text notifications: 

After you enter in your phone number, you will receive a verification text and you will need to follow that step in order to receive text notifications.

Types of Notifications:

  1. Receive an alert when a client sends a chat message: Once a contact sends you a message, you will receive one text and/or email alerting you a message has been sent. You will not receive additional notifications relating to that contact for the next 30 minutes. If you receive a message from a different contact with that 30 minute timeframe, you will receive a separate text. Your investors are also able to opt into chat message email and text notifications. 
  2. Receive an alert when your accounts disconnect from your institution: You will receive an email if any of your accounts disconnect. 
  3. Receive an alert when a contact logs into the investor portal for the first time. 

You can opt-out at anytime by unselecting the check boxes. 


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