Directed Trading

Directed Trading allows you to select individual securities to sell across multiple account and use the proceeds to buy into other securities. This feature is accessible on the Accounts page from the "Directed Trading" link in the upper right hand corner.


In the Direct Trading screen, select +Create New Sell Trade and search for the securities you want to sell.


All accounts that have hold the security will appear in the list below. Then you can indicate the percentage (%) of that holding you want to sell.  Then select +Create New Buy Trade and enter the securities you want to purchase . Once you have added all the securities to buy, you need to enter the weightings to be applied to each. Cash is always included as a default but you can leave the allocation at zero (0). Buy trade weightings must equal 100%

Select the accounts for which you want to generate the desired trades and select Submit at the bottom of the page.  Generated trades can be reviewed in Rebalance Review. 


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