Oranj Release Notes

The Oranj development team is continuously working to improve our product. We do frequent releases of new features and fixes to existing functionality that just doesn't quite live up to our high standard. We welcome and appreciate your feedback on how we can improve Oranj.

July 28, 2020

Vault Sharing: Now you can choose what your contacts see in the client portal by sharing and unsharing files in their vault. Once a file is shared, your contact can see the file in their vault and will receive an email notification. Learn more

Closed Accounts: Once detected, Closed Accounts now filtered out of the Managed Accounts grid. You will be notified that the account has been marked as "closed" in your activity feed. All historical data regarding this account will be maintained throughout the platform. Learn more

Improved Trading Permissions: Now multiple advisor a the same firm can be enabled for FIX trading of all accounts signed to the advisor. Firm Admins will still be able to execute trades and export trades files for all accounts. 


July 21, 2020

Wash Sale Rules: Oranj will now automatically review your trades against your past transactions and open lots to identify potential wash sales within your trade recommendations and you can set it to either warn or block you from making such trades. This new setting can be found in the Firm Admin Trade Settings screen.


Minimum Holding Periods: You can now set your accounts to recognize a minimum holding period on your mutual fund trades and Oranj will help you follow those rules to avoid unnecessary fees from your custodian. This new setting can be found in the Firm Admin Minimums & Notifications screen.



July 15, 2020

Dark Mode: customize your Oranj experience. If you prefer a dark background, in My Profile, accessible in the menu under your name in the upper right hand corner if you are logged in to the application, simply change your preference of Theme.


Deleted Accounts: when you delete an account in Oranj we will no longer display the account or include it any calculation even though it is still an active account at your custodian.


New Clients Investments Tab in Contacts Record: on each client’s profile page, there is a new Investments tab that gives you household level views of both managed and heldaway investment accounts

  1. Changes in investment balances over time
  2. An investment accounts summary
  3. Underlying holdings at the asset class or account level

Advisor Individual Rebalance Review & Trading Permissions: With this feature, firms with multiple Advisors operating under the same umbrella now have more control and better separation of rebalance and order management.


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