Generating an Investment Report

Generating an Investment Report

Once you have upgraded to Oranj Pro, you have the ability to generate the Investment Report for all your clients or households from the Contacts grid. Select the contacts for whom you want to generate a report, click the 'Generate Report' button, and select the time period of data you wish to have exported.


When prompted, confirm that you wish to continue with the Investment Report export to start the export process. Once started, you can monitor the progress of the export process by clicking the notification icon, which will appear as a blue 'spinner' icon while the process is in progress.


When completed, you will receive a notification stating that the process has completed. The notification icon will update so that you can see the results of your export, and the Reports Review tab will display an alert to show you the number of reports that have been generated but have not yet been shared with your clients. By default, all generated reports are added into your clients' vaults but will not be shared with them until you choose to do so.


Previewing and Sharing Reports

The default view on the Report Review tab from the contact record will show you all of the reports that still need to be shared with your clients and display alerts regarding any reports that you requested to have generated. You can click on the report name to preview the report that was generated. Or you can click on the name of the client associated with each report to navigate to their contact record. You can also review any reports that have been previously exported by selecting the All filter.

When you are ready to share these reports with your clients, select which reports you wish to share and then click the Share Reports button. This will make each selected report available to the associated clients and, if enabled, trigger an email alert to inform them of the new document. At any time you can view this document directly from the Vault on the client's contact record.

Viewing Report Errors

Report Errors are messaging explaining why the system was unable to generate a report for your client. If there are errors, click the Review link in the notification banner to see what issues occurred during the export process. From here, you will be able to see what issue(s) occurred. These errors will continue to be displayed to you until they have been dismissed. This can be done individually or you can choose to dismiss all errors at once. 


Navigating to Contact Record

From the Report Review or Errors Review, you can click on the client's name from the error review modal to navigate to the client's contact record, where you will be able to export a report for the selected user.


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